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Panel center - Optimization and Visualisation
PanelWizard panel cut optimization software
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Panel cut optimization and kitchen manufacturing software
PanelWizard - panel cut optimizer
Mr.Diker - kitchen manufacturing sofware
Note: site under construction, not all pages are finished
PanelWizard cutting plan optimization:  
  • optimization of panel cutting plans.
  • leading optimizer in Coatia - more then 10 years of experience
  • optimization capable for different kind of jobs
  • calculate use of ABS and melamine 
  • import from some 3D visualistaion programs
  • output to panel saws: SCM, Holzma, Giben, Selco, Holzher,  and Schelling
Video: Panel cut optimizer introduction
2D visual program for kitchen design and specification
  • frontal view drawing of kitchen or other funiture
  • drag and drop elements from database to your design
  • change element dimesnions
  • export to PanelWizard optimizer
  • accessories specification with prices.
Kitchen manufacturing software
Video: Kitchen manufacturing software introduction
Trucks loading optimization
  • better yield because there is no request for each cut to be full panel length
Built in wardrobe with sliding doors
  • design and drawing
  • specification of material and price
  • export to PanelWizard optimizer
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